Living your True Nature.

We all have natural wisdom within us to guide us in the right direction, but how do we connect with that part of ourselves? Nichole Carrington of Spirit’s Wisdom is an intuitive consultant that helps leaders, individuals and groups reconnect with their highest potential and live their best life by drawing out their innate wisdom.  Nichole calls on traditional, spiritual, strategic and artistic techniques developed over her 25 years as a professional coach, teacher, intuitive and healer.

The power to wake up to our lives often lies in simple but powerful perceptual shifts that shake life up and break old patterns.  Life mastery, personal power and a heart-centered life are well within reach when we each deeply connect to our true nature and our innate wisdom. Spirit’s Wisdom helps unfold a renewed sense of your Self; as you awaken to your true nature, old patterns of thinking and acting drop away to make room for your highest goals and deepest desires for your life.

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If you are committed to living, working and relating from your True Nature, coaching is almost like cutting in line. It moves you toward your intentions and aspirations because it reduces your wind resistance, clears the path and establishes actions that reflect your commitment. In working with Nichole you will get a neutral sounding board, a co-strategist, a champion for your best, and a partner who will help you navigate your journey. Coaching is excellent for either Business & Professional goals or for Personal & Relationship enrichment.

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These downloadable courses let you really hone in your focus by topic. They are in an easy format that moves you through step by step in a workbook format. Print them out and take them with you to work on while you’re in a coffee shop or outdoor cafe. I’m right there with you as your coach and spiritual adviser as you learn effective and proven ways to develop the topic skill.

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Energetic Alignment

You are a body of energy and information held together with thoughts and feelings – some of which are not your own. The subtle energy unique to you and the energies you pick up throughout the day effect your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Nichole’s intuitive skill combined with her training with shamans, healers and channels allows her to tap into and realign the energy patterns you carry, helping you feel lighter, clearer and healthier.  She clears away energetic blocks that keep you from achieving your goals and keep you from feeling healthy, alive and connected.

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Professional intuitive readings provide guidance from the highest aspect of your spirit’s wisdom and help you to learn more about your true nature. Nichole combines her natural ability to tune into your energy with methods for drawing out the insight you need in the right moment. Readings bring clarity to difficult situations, tap into the guidance of your spiritual teachers, reveal the aspects of your Self on a personality and soul level, and help you stay on your path of growth and enlightenment.

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About Nichole Carrington

Nichole Carrington has been a coach and healer for over 25 years. A naturally gifted intuitive, Nichole combines her insight with extensive education and training in a number of different schools of thought to provide a unique and empowering experience for her clients. She takes a holistic approach to coaching, with the idea that making key changes in your thoughts and beliefs can transform all areas of your life.

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