Just say YES

As westerners pretty well have the motto down pat – just say no. There’s so much to say no to: war, drugs, drunk driving, hunger, high gas prices, oil spill delays, trashing the planet, texting while driving, etc. When I was in Australia many years ago I saw prominent signs all over. Just say YES.…

All play. No work.

No, I’m not talking about the retirement phase of your life! Why is it we think we have to wait for our pleasure and play? Why do we have to put these two concepts in competition with each other? I have to get my work done, and then I can play. Does this remind you…

Start a Change Reaction

Change starts with even the smallest thing, like deciding to put the cap on the toothpaste tube from now on. This one small decision opens the energy for other similar changes to happen like a Change Reaction. One thing causes another thing to emerge as part of that same theme. Perhaps you didn’t realize it…

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. I am Nichole Carrington, the founder of Spirit’s Wisdom, Inc. Published in my blog you will find short and effective self-improvement techniques and inspirational messages. Please explore my blog and my website. I offer many great services to help you become the person that you always dreamed possible.

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Leadership Coaching As a leader, your actions affect not only yourself but those you lead. Every step, every decision can be critical, so business leaders often work with a coach when negotiating change, mergers or growth in their business or professional life. Having a safe and neutral sounding board facilitates effective strategies for attainment of…

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Personal Coaching Life changes. Relationships. Empowerment. Personal goals. Spiritual Connection. Connect with your true nature, tap into your spirit’s wisdom and live your life with heart and joy through personal and relationship coaching. Learn More

Energy Alignment Sessions

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Energetic Alignment Nichole’s intuitive skill combined with her training with shamans, healers and channels allows her to tap into and realign the energy you carry, helping you feel lighter, clearer and healthier. She clears energetic blocks that keep you from achieving your goals and keep you from feeling healthy, alive and connected. Learn More

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Intuitive Readings Professional intuitive readings provide guidance from the highest aspect of your Spirit’s Wisdom and help you to learn more about your true nature. Readings bring clarity to difficult situations, tap into the guidance of your spiritual teachers, reveal the aspects of your Self on a personality and soul level, and help you stay…

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e-Courses Downloadable courses let you really hone in your focus by topic. They are in an easy format that moves you through step by step in a workbook format. I’m right there with you as your coach and spiritual advisor as you learn effective and proven ways to develop the topic skill. Learn More