I’m so happy to share what I love with you.  I have been a therapist, coach and healer for over 25 years. I’m a  naturally gifted intuitive, and I combine my insight with extensive education and training in a number of different schools of thought to provide a unique and empowering experience for my wonderful clients. I utilize a holistic approach to coaching, training and spiritual advising, with the idea that making key changes in your thoughts and beliefs can transform all areas of your life.  I’m passionate about leading edge consciousness technology.

I welcome your calls and inquiry.  916-213-2214.

My Vision

I welcome a new world where men, women and children are free and encouraged to express their authentic nature.  I welcome a world where love, acceptance, and appreciation for one another are the norm.   I welcome a world of Awakened humans bringing in a higher conscious connection with all life.  I welcome a world where our High Heart is what creates all things with love and delight.  I welcome a world absent competition and rich with caring, compassion, and respect for all life.  I welcome miracles for us all.

My Mission

  • To provide guidance, coaching and energy adjustments that encourages authenticity.
  • To encourage Soulful and Spirited living and prospering.
  • To bring forth the Divine Feminine love energy in all of us.
  • To connect us all with our High Heart and our Soul’s guidance.
  • To guide others to know, appreciate and live our unique design.
  • To bring beauty and aliveness to all that we do.
  • To bring lightness and laughter and enjoy the journey.

My Values

Romance with life, the lightness of Humor, Generosity of spirit, Elegance, Transparency, Authenticity, Playfulness, Integrity, Spiritual connection and Recognizing, Honoring and Celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.

About Nichole Carrington

Since her original training in 1983 as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nichole has received a degree in Organizational Behavior, been a Master Practitioner and trainer for the NLP Institute of California, taught workshops and classes for businesses and individuals, co-owned a successful real estate development company, and been a life-long student of the intuitive and healing arts.

“I’m passionate about helping people become conscious creators of their desires, open their hearts to the wisdom that resides within, and to fall in love with their own lives. I have a knack for interpreting life’s little signs, telling it like it is and injecting humor when the moment calls. Natural intuition is a gift I bring to every aspect of my coaching and energy work.”

Nichole’s clients include a wide variety of individuals and organizations: physicians, lawyers, real estate and financial professionals, salespeople, entrepreneurs, corporate teams, financial institutions, coaches, state and federal institutions, industrialists, consultants, non-profit organizations, families, couples, partnerships and parents.

Nichole is committed to living consciously from her heart and sharing her gifts with the world. She has five children and four grandchildren, and views life as the ultimate adventure. She enjoys reading, hiking, the art of Feng Shui, interior design, seeing new places and doing yoga and pilates.  She is a photographer, writer, painter and a voracious learner.

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  • American Institute of Hypnotherapy – PhD, Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • University of San Francisco – Bachelor of Science, Organizational Behavior
  • Coach U – Professionally trained and certified coach
  • Coaches Training Institute – Professionally trained and certified coach
  • NLP Institute of California (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – Master Practitioner and Trainer
  • Professional Mediator – The Sacramento Mediation Center
  • Regular teacher at The Learning Exchange in Sacramento
  • Trained in several methods of energy healing and balancing, shamanism and intuitive readings
  • Keynote speaker on topics of empowerment

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