At the end of your life, like us all, you will question yourself. Did I really live fully? What died in me because I did nothing? What do I wish I had done?

Don’t wait until then to ask these questions. Answer them now. This isn’t a bucket list. This is about the quality of life, your joy, and for wonderful experiences. Yet, without a road map it’s easy to get off track. When you want to just have fun, it isn’t necessary to have a road map. However, when something is important to you, a road map is essential.

This E-course takes you from clearing out, acknowledging, identifying goals, and applying actions to bring them into reality. I will walk you through Activating Your Goals. I’ll offer two different formats.

Some people love to have targeted goals with every step laid out in advance with mile markers.

Others like to have a theme rather than specific goals. These kind of people like more spaciousness in how they meet their goals or aspirations. Often those attracted to the Law of Attraction like this particular format.

You will receive a workbook style course and an MP3 introduction to listen to as you begin. We will go through this together. As your coach for this e-course, I will guide you with questions to develop your goals, share some behind the scenes thoughts to be aware of, and encouragement as you go along.

Do you want support to follow through on your dreams? Wait no more! Let’s do this together. When you purchase Activate Your Goals, I want to give you three bonus assessments I know you will enjoy as you pursue your goals.

Buy Activate Your Goals for only $10 and you also receive:

  • Well-formed Outcomes (PDF)
  • The Success Process (PDF)
  • Visualize and Prioritize your Goals (PDF)

And there’s more! Buy Activate your Goals for $10, and I’ll send you a free meditation recording to support your journey. I know it’s valuable to center yourself and connect with the best of yourself before you take significant action. Your Sense of Self is a meditation you can use anytime you wish, and I suggest you listen before you begin and at any time you want during the process.