All play. No work.

No, I’m not talking about the retirement phase of your life! Why is it we think we have to wait for our pleasure and play? Why do we have to put these two concepts in competition with each other? I have to get my work done, and then I can play. Does this remind you of your early childhood experiences? Why do you have to work hard to get what you want? In our fast paced world filled with financial issues in the economy play seems frivolous in the face of such chaos.

What if there was only play? Innovative companies like 3M and others utilize play as a very important step in the creative process. They don’t say, go sit in your cubicle and work really hard and come up with a new idea. They grant themselves the right to play for new ideas. Once the idea is accepted, then they apply effort, put things in motion, and find a plan that will support the joy of their idea. Sounds a bit like listening to and following your heart first, then engaging your mind to make it real. The word work has morphed in our culture into a have to, hard, gotta just suck it up and get it done meaning. Too bad. Work used to be something we looked forward to because we wanted the fruits of our labor. Work just became the process part of the formula. The doing pieces of our passion. Effort is not to be confused with work.

So for one day this week, what if you simply enjoyed your work. Play with whatever is there for you today. Keep it simple, put in the effort but enjoy it more as play – like you GET to do this!

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