Just say YES

As westerners pretty well have the motto down pat – just say no. There’s so much to say no to: war, drugs, drunk driving, hunger, high gas prices, oil spill delays, trashing the planet, texting while driving, etc. When I was in Australia many years ago I saw prominent signs all over. Just say YES. I liked it immediately.

Having raised 5 children, I was good at saying no. No to late nights, no to driving inattentively, no to drinking in my house, no to parties when I wasn’t home. Finally I decided to stop saying no (does that constitute a double no?). I decided to say YES to their freedom and to mine. I wanted them to have freedom, but it is earned by being responsible and honest with me, and transparent about their values. It’s easy to say no, but I’ve noticed the kids will comply but then hide and lie to get their freedom. I couldn’t raise children who had to be dishonest to get what they wanted. So, I said YES to their freedom, responsibly earned, of course.

When I just say YES to whatever happens in my life, I’ve discovered so much more freedom. Yes, the divorce happened because it was time. I struggled when I thought it shouldn’t have happened until I could actually say YES, this is happening for some good reason. I stopped fighting my life and found freedom in being present with whatever came my way. I never know what will arise from those moments. So far, I’m a much more resilient person because of my YES.

Where can you flip the coin and do the opposite. Just say YES and see what happens?

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