Projections. It’s part of human nature to project our thoughts, our dreams, our fears then blame them on the economy, our spouse, our kids, our boss, our neighbor, or luck, good or bad. It’s our right as a Co-creator to project our dreams and live into them. But, there’s no truth in projections.

  • She thinks she knows everything.
  • He can’t be intimate.
  • See, no one has any clarity.
  • Failed again.
  • No one listens.
  • What a great day!
  • Bad guy. Good guy.

All projections.

Fear will disappear when you realize you have the power to project good or bad into the world and the Universe will respond to make it so for you. You either like what you project into the world, or you don’t like it but either way, it was all you, baby. It was your projection.

Taking ownership of what you project is not always easy, but it is necessary if we are to create a different kind of world. Start today. Offer your most joyful and loving projection and watch what happens when he Universe gets hold of it!

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