Protective Services

The President and key officials aren’t the only ones that have Protective Services. We all do. We somehow came to the conclusion that life could hurt so we needed to develop protection from future hurts. Some are heavy duty and others are mere masks, but all protective services wear masks. We have become masters of hiding. What are your masks? I have one I use when I’m nervous or am afraid of telling my real truth in that moment – I have a silly laugh and make fun rather than tell the truth. Deflection is my number one mask. Now you know.

So, if you know my mask, so what? What’s the big deal about having masks? As you become more comfortable revealing what feels right to you in a clear way, you drop the need to have any masks. You can eventually fire your Protective Service as you become proficient in just being real in the moment. Why not try it for a morning. Leave your Protective Services eating coffee and donuts at home. See what real life is all about when there is no need to protect. Deep breath …. exhale *Trust* into the world and go see what’s there today.

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