What’s the story of your life, starting now?

Oh, the stories I could tell …. You know that beginning. You know you are in for reminiscing. My grandparents and aunts used to tell stories about the family. It did keep our history strong and was the glue of our belonging. What would happen if you didn’t tell stories of what was? Would you lose your sense of connection or belonging to your life? The other question this provokes is, why keep reinforcing who you were yesterday; who others were yesterday?

What if you could have any story you wanted about what you might become, have or do? What story would you tell then? For a long time we told the story of human dominance in the scheme of life. We were the ones with imagination. We were the ones who could innovate something new. We are the ones that invented weapons, factories, cars. We became careless. In that story we didn’t feel connected to our home planet, Earth. We began to tell a new story of being mindful of our environment. We now tell the story of how we are helping our mother earth by cleaning up streams and rivers to have pure drinking water, we monitor the trees that are felled in areas so we don’t continue to lose our natural rain forests, and we preserve our wetlands so we can enjoy the water fowls. We are changing our stories of what was. We are creating new stories of how we want to live.

What stories do you tell yourself? How many of them are rooted in past identifications? What is the story of your life, starting now?

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