How is this possible?! Can it be true, that I can change my emotions in an instant?

I thought I would have to go through lots of therapy to do that. Yes, it is possible and in fact many people from my various classes and my individual clients are currently enjoying masterful emoting and no longer feel that emotions are something they have no control over. Do you want that for yourself? In this course you will learn some of the secrets from me, a professional coach and former therapist that will make you happy, and more importantly, change your emotional response from the beginning.

In this course you will learn:

  • The language of E-motion, or energy in movement
  • The 3 directions energy in motion take
  • The 2 sources of emotions
  • How to get a reality check on Creator or Reactor
  • The scale of your emotional barometer
  • How to use your emotional toolbox
  • How to use your emotions as consultants that work for you
  • How to change emotional temperature using various “volume controls”
  • Access software for your brain to change the course of your emotions
  • How to end being an emotional target
  • What makes your co-dependent
  • The ONE question that will shift your emotional responses and build emotional mastery and freedom to choose new possibilities

And you will receive free an audio welcome from me, 3 additional free bonuses for purchasing this course and a free meditation recording to use as you go through the course.