My Book

The Heart of Your Power

Playful Guidelines for Awakening Your Inner Wisdom

Do daily circumstances run you?  Do you unwittingly take on everyone’s energy and problems? Would you like a simple, interesting, executable roadmap to dump stress and come home to yourself?  Do you learn best through stories of others who have found their power? Do you like to learn from practical, bite-size nuggets that keep you focused? Do you like a bigger overview to guide your actions?  What if there’s no heavy lifting involved? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need…The Heart of Your Power.


My eCourses

Activate Your Goals

At the end of your life, like us all, you will question yourself. Did I really live fully? What died in me because I did nothing? What do I wish I had done?

Don’t wait until then to ask these questions. Answer them now. This isn’t a bucket list. This is for your quality of life, your joy, and for wonderful experiences. Yet, without a road map it’s easy to get off track. When you want to just have fun, it isn’t necessary to have a road map. However, when something is important to you, a road map is essential.

This E-course takes you from clearing out, acknowledging, identifying goals, and putting actions to bring them into reality. I will walk you through Activating Your Goals. I’ll offer two different formats.

Self-Respecting Boundaries

The Hidden Key to Self-Love e-Course

When my clients hire me, we will always deal with communication issues and along with that, we naturally address boundary concerns. No matter what they want to achieve, this is always part of the coaching. And, I want to coach you in this important area, too.

You’re looking at this because you want a higher grade of Self-Respect and you know that boundaries are weak areas for you. Perhaps you were never taught the language of boundaries, and perhaps others consistently stepped over your “no” so you abandoned your own “no”.

When you have healthy boundaries, your self-respect is restored and when that happens, you develop the always – illusive self-love. The door to self-love is found through Self-respecting boundaries. In this course, I will provide you with lots of examples of actual boundary dialogue – a piece that is often missing in other boundary courses. Here, for $10, you can have the secrets of a coach as you set your boundaries.

Change Your Emotions… in an Instant

How is this possible?! Can it be true, that I can change my emotions in an instant?

I thought I would have to go through lots of therapy to do that. Yes, it is possible and in fact many people from my various classes and my individual clients are currently enjoying masterful emoting and no longer feel that emotions are something they have no control over. Do you want that for yourself? In this course you will learn some of the secrets from me, a professional coach and former therapist that will make you happy, and more importantly, change your emotional response from the beginning.