The Hidden Key to Self-Love

When my clients hire me, we will always deal with communication issues and along with that, we naturally address boundary concerns. No matter what they want to achieve, this is always part of the coaching. And, I want to coach you in this important area, too.

You’re looking at this because you want a higher grade of Self-Respect and you know that boundaries are weak areas for you. Perhaps you were never taught the language of boundaries, and perhaps others consistently stepped over your “no” so you abandoned your own “no”.

When you have healthy boundaries, your self-respect is restored and when that happens, you develop the always – illusive self-love. The door to self-love is found through Self-respecting boundaries. In this course, I will provide you with lots of examples of actual boundary dialogue – a piece that is often missing in other boundary courses. Here, for $10, you can have the secrets of a coach as you set your boundaries.

In this e-course you will learn:

  • the nature of boundaries
  • why you need them
  • what will you gain by setting them
  • what makes a well-formed boundary
  • how to discover what you want
  • the two sides of a boundary
  • the piece that makes self-respect stick
  • how to keep good will and issue a boundary
  • how to handle when they are ignored
  • typical boundary types

Buy now Self-Respecting Boundaries: the Hidden Key to Self-Love for only $10 you get the workbook and you will also receive these free bonuses:

  • Buff it Up (PDF)
  • What you need to be your best (PDF)
  • 100 Ways to know you’re Evolving (PDF)

And there’s more if you purchase today! I will include a free meditation MP3 downloadable to your iTunes called Your Sense of Self. It’s a meditation you can use whenever you want, and you will want to listen to it before and during the time you work with this material. I want you to remember how amazing you are!

I know this course will make a huge difference for you when you see how easy it is. I’m here as your guide to walk you through step by step.

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