Your spirit’s wisdom and power are always available.

Nothing is wrong with you. You aren’t lacking vital nutrients. Maybe no one taught you how to access your power. That certainly didn’t happen in my family of origin. Maybe, like me, you thought all the power belonged to the parents and you’d have to make your own way in life trying to find your power.

But, you’re an adult now. Maybe you don’t yet know the full capabilities that already lie within you. We all have natural wisdom within us to guide us in the right direction, but how do we connect with that part of ourselves? And, how can I find out where I put my real power! I’ll make it easy for you. There’s no heavy lifting required, and it can be easy once you discover your true powers. The media manufactures most of what we know about how to be, do or have. That’s only a mask. You were meant to unmask and be yourself. You are enough. You are your own signature brand.

Once we learn to embrace our power, we initiate a rewarding relationship with ourselves. I never knew my own power growing up. That simply was not allowed. Following orders was the bottom line. Fortunately, I had many Angelic helpers and many serendipitously placed teachers show up along the way to help me awaken to my natural power. I learned through 12 different paths how to hold my power peacefully, how to speak for what I wanted without a fight, how to be abundant, connected, and inspired. I learned how to respect myself and trust my choices. I learned how to be the boss of my own life.

I am Empathic by nature and I didn’t know back then that most of what I felt and thought about myself didn’t actually belong to me. I had no one growing up to teach me how to use this gift. I learned to mine my rocky life for the pearls of wisdom in every single experience. And that led me to knowing my purpose. I know the path to being the Boss of my life. Would you like that for yourself, too? Would you like to have a more favorable relationship with your life? Would you like to know how to clean and clear out cluttered energies? You can tap into your abundance, power, and love. It’s easier than you think.

Once you employ what I lovingly and humorously call: My Rules for Me, I think you will be enticed to develop your own! They are powerful! My Rules for Me is discussed in Chapter 11 on Abundance in my book, The Heart of Your Power.

You will see how easy and delightful they really are. Their simplicity belies their potency. You see, what no one tells you is that YOU get to decide how you want to experience your life – circumstances do not decide for you. And that’s only a small part of what you will discover as you read my book. You have more power than the world leads you to believe.

I wrote The Heart of Your Power because I love making life user-friendly and enjoyable for us all. I’m passionate about standing in our sovereign, loving power. Remember your Blueprint? It contains everything you need to be successful, including being fully funded for whatever you want to create. The world would have you believe money and power are found outside of you. Nope. You’re fully funded for the contribution you came here to be. You read that right. I’ll show you some fun ways to drink from the cup of abundance.

The joy in waking up to The Heart of Your Power lies in simple, yet powerful perceptual shifts. Stepping into your power doesn’t have to be a struggle. Suffering is an elective, not a way of being. And, if you’re going to struggle, mine it for every bit of wisdom you can. Your life will reveal what you came to share with the world. Your life, well lived, is still your greatest contribution and your greatest power.

Life mastery, personal power and a heart-centered living are well within reach as we remember who we really are. As we awaken to our spirit’s wisdom and our power, old patterns of thinking and habitual ways of responding dissolve, we make room for our deepest desires to see the light of day. You have far more power and wisdom in you than you realize.

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