These downloadable courses let you really hone in your focus by topic.  They are in an easy format that moves you through step by step in a workbook format.  Print them out and take them with you to work on while you’re in a coffee shop or outdoor café.  I’m right there with you as your coach and spiritual advisor as you learn effective and proven ways to develop the topic skill.

One of my clients ordered Self-Respecting Boundaries and said he and his wife worked the course together and were able to work through some long-standing issues using a common language.  I’ll be adding more downloadable courses, so stay tuned.  I’ve made them very affordable and user friendly so you can start today. And …. you will get extra bonus material in addition to an audio welcome and a free meditation to use as you progress through the courses to remind you of how amazing you are! Check out the courses.


Free Downloads

Here are some free downloads for you to enjoy.

Complete e-Courses for only $10 each

Activate Your Goals e-Course

Activate Your Goals
Only $10. Instant Download

At the end of your life, like us all, you will question yourself. Did I really live fully? What died in me because I did nothing? What do I wish I had done?

Don’t wait until then to ask these questions. Answer them now. This isn’t a bucket list. This is for your quality of life, your joy, and for wonderful experiences. Yet, without a road map it’s easy to get off track. When you want to just have fun, it isn’t necessary to have a road map. However, when something is important to you, a road map is essential.

This E-course takes you from clearing out, acknowledging, identifying goals, and putting actions to bring them into reality. I will walk you through Activating Your Goals. I’ll offer two different formats.  [DDET Read more…]

  1. Some people love to have targeted goals with every step laid out in advance with mile markers.
  2. Others like to have a theme rather than specific goals. These kind of people like more spaciousness in how they meet their goals or aspirations. Often those attracted to the Law of Attraction like this particular format.

Buy Activate your Goals now for only $10 and get started living your dreams.

You will receive a workbook style course and an MP3 introduction to listen to as you begin. We will go through this together. As your coach for this e-course, I will guide you with questions to develop your goals, share some behind the scenes stuff to be aware of, and encouragement as you go along.

Do you want support to follow through on your dreams? Wait no more! Let’s do this together. When you purchase Activate Your Goals, I want to give you three thank you bonus material I know you will enjoy as you pursue your goals.
Buy Activate Your Goals for only $10 and you also receive:

  • Well-formed Outcomes (PDF)
  • The Success Process (PDF)
  • Visualize and Prioritize your Goals (PDF)

And there’s more! Buy Activate your Goals for $10, and I’ll send you a free meditation recording to support your journey. I know it’s always good to center yourself and connect with the best of yourself before you take significant action. Your Sense of Self is a meditation you can use anytime you wish, and I suggest you listen before you begin and at any time you want during the process.[/DDET]


Self-Respecting Boundaries: The Hidden Key to Self-Love e-Course

Self-Respecting BoundariesOnly $10. Instant Download

When my clients hire me, we will always deal with communication issues and along with that, we naturally address boundary concerns. No matter what they want to achieve, this is always part of the coaching. And, I want to coach you in this important area, too.

You’re looking at this because you want a higher grade of Self-Respect and you know that boundaries are weak areas for you. Perhaps you were never taught the language of boundaries, and perhaps others consistently stepped over your “no” so you abandoned your own “no”.

When you have healthy boundaries, your self-respect is restored and when that happens, you develop the always – illusive self-love. The door to self-love is found through Self-respecting boundaries. In this course, I will provide you with lots of examples of actual boundary dialogue – a piece that is often missing in other boundary courses. Here, for $10, you can have the secrets of a coach as you set your boundaries.  [DDET Read more…]

In this e-course you will learn:

  • the nature of boundaries
  • why you need them
  • what will you gain by setting them
  • what makes a well-formed boundary
  • how to discover what you want
  • the two sides of a boundary
  • the piece that makes self-respect stick
  • how to keep good will and issue a boundary
  • how to handle when they are ignored
  • typical boundary types

Buy now Self-Respecting Boundaries: the Hidden Key to Self-Love for only $10 you get the workbook and you will also receive these free bonuses:

  • Buff it Up (PDF)
  • What you need to be your best (PDF)
  • 100 Ways to know you’re Evolving (PDF)

And there’s more if you purchase today! I will include a free meditation MP3 downloadable to your iTunes called Your Sense of Self. It’s a meditation you can use whenever you want, and you will want to listen to it before and during the time you work with this material. I want you to remember how amazing you are!

I know this course will make a huge difference for you when you see how easy it is. I’m here as your guide to walk you through step by step.[/DDET]


Change Your Emotions….in an Instante-Course

Change Your EmotionsOnly $10. Instant Download

How is this possible?!  Can it be true, that I can change my emotions in an instant?

I thought I would have to go through lots of therapy to do that. Yes, it is possible and in fact many people from my various classes and my individual clients are currently enjoying masterful emoting and no longer feel that emotions are something they have no control over. Do you want that for yourself? In this course you will learn some of the secrets from me, a professional coach and former therapist that will make you happy, and more importantly, change your emotional response from the beginning. [DDET Read more…]

In this course you will learn:

  • The language of E-motion, or energy in movement
  • The 3 directions energy in motion take
  • The 2 sources of emotions
  • How to get a reality check on Creator or Reactor
  • The scale of your emotional barometer
  • How to use your emotional toolbox
  • How to use your emotions as consultants that work for you
  • How to change emotional temperature using various “volume controls”
  • Access software for your brain to change the course of your emotions
  • How to end being an emotional target
  • What makes your co-dependent
  • The ONE question that will shift your emotional responses and build emotional mastery and freedom to choose new possibilities

And you will receive free an audio welcome from me, 3 additional free bonuses for purchasing this course and a free meditation recording to use as you go through the course. [/DDET]


Client Testimonials

Please read testimonials from my clients to see how my e-Courses have helped them to achieve their personal goals.  Click here to read my testimonials.