You are a body of energy and information held together with thoughts and feelings – some of which are not your own. The subtle energy unique to you and the energies you pick up throughout the day effect your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Nichole’s intuitive skill combined with her training with shamans, healers and channels allows her to tap into and realign the energy you carry, helping you feel lighter, clearer and healthier.  She clears energetic blocks that keep you from achieving your goals and keep you from feeling healthy, alive and connected. Energy work connects you to the vast network of spiritual guides and teachers awaiting your attention and makes room for new evolutionary energies and easy changes.

Benefits of Energy Work

Energetic Clearings

Nichole combines several energetic methods which work effectively to clean out and clear away stagnant energy, thereby aligning your body, home or business for clarity.

Nichole energetically aligns you with what you want to create, sell, or bring into your life. She has cleared the path to help business owners sell their companies, real estate developers connect with financiers, for people to sell their land or their homes.  She energetically clears houses and office spaces, and offers corrective Fung Shui to better balance the energy of home owners for day to day living or for an upcoming sale.

One Hour Initial Consultation and Personal Energetic Clearing: $225*


* Cost can vary depending on the size of the project.

30-minute Energetic Clearing Sessions thereafter: $100


Matrix Energetics

In addition to Shamanic training and other healing modalities, Nichole is trained in Matrix Energetics, a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. Matrix Energetics sometimes appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics. By working with the subtle fabric that holds our reality, Matrix healers access unlimited transformational energies and integrate those new energies into an individual’s personal energy. Matrix Energetics is a natural extension of changing your way of perceiving, where old realities collapse and new possibilities materialize quite naturally. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved with the speed of thought.

To learn more, please visit the Matrix Energetics website.

One Hour Initial Consultation and Matrix Energetics Session:  $225


Matrix Energetics Sessions thereafter: $100


Client Testimonials

Please read testimonials from my clients to see how my energetic clearings have helped them to clear the blocks that kept them from achieving their goals  and feeling healthy, alive and connected  Click here to read my testimonials.