People engage a personal and life coach for many reasons, but the desired outcome is universal: You want to live fully, express yourself powerfully and lovingly, and make a difference. Read the .pdf article Benefits of Working with a Coach As your personal and relationship coach, I will coach you with clarity, wisdom, humor and honesty as we explore your goals, strategize, remove roadblocks, find tangible ways to invite change, and I will champion your highest good. Click on this link to discover how we will work together and you’ll be able to get a flavor for our Coaching Partnership Agreement.

You will love connecting with your true nature, tapping into your spirit’s wisdom and living your life with heart and joy. Are you coachable? Find out by reading How Coachable Are You.

Leadership Coaching

As a leader, your actions affect not only yourself but those you lead. Every step, every decision can be critical, so business leaders often work with a coach when negotiating change, mergers or growth in their business or professional life.  Business coaching addresses the complex organizational, communication and behavioral scenarios that come with leading a team or a company.

This coaching format is for:

  • C-level, Executive and Senior leaders and business owners. It is appropriate for those that lead large teams of 25 or more, run a company or manage a team of business leaders.
  • Leaders and managers orchestrating major change, leading new teams, handling organizational and behavioral issues, or managing a successful and empowered career path.
  • Managers, department heads, or business leaders with 5 or more direct reports. It is also appropriate for individuals wishing to make strategic career advancements or improve their workplace communication, relationships and behavior.
  • Small business owners and professionals in various fields

Coaching addresses complex goals and offers a thinking partner and sounding board for leadership development, strategic relationship building, culture and morale-boosting.  Coaching takes place by phone or in your office if possible.

Leadership Coaching packages will:

  • Assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses through a 360 degree feedback system with your peers, staff and managers.
  • Design your leadership development so that it is unique for you while, it dovetails with what your company wants from you.
  • Develop and pump up your personal leadership style.
  • Clarify your personal mission.
  • Know your foundational values.
  • Develop ways to use influence instead of pressure to create progress.
  • Balancing work pressure against time available.
  • Brainstorm situations and issues for the best possible action.
  • Evaluate progress on a regular basis.
  • Determine what will bring life/work balance.
  • Explore those things that keep you from being great.
  • Develop an action road map.
  • Tap your best inner leader.
  • Increase your communication and community building skills.

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Are you ready to get started?

Begin by contacting me for a free consultation to discuss your coaching goals, objectives, concerns and opportunities

Leadership Coaching Retainer

Leadership coaching is retainer based, and is not billed by the hour. You have unlimited access to coaching and me. Yes, we do have 3 structured coaching sessions a month for an hour each, or as agreed upon. You have unlimited email access and can call for in-the-moment coaching as desired. Essentially you will have access to me 24 hrs. a day.  Of course, that implies availability and respect for my non-business time. Usually in-the-moment calls can be handled within 10 minutes to 30 minutes.Monthly sessions are in your office, location permitting, or on the phone.

Your monthly retainer is $1200 a month for 6 months. After the 6 months, your retainer reverts to month to month.

You will receive:

  • Measurable goals
  • 3 calendared sessions per month
  • Action plan and progress scorecard
  • Leadership philosophy development
  • Accountability checkpoints and assessment as needed
  • Full access to Nichole within reason (excludes weekends and evenings after 6 pm)
  • Check-ins to set your focus for meetings as desired
  • Brainstorming when needed
  • Refining goals as progress is made
  • Monday morning planning or inspirational calls if desired


Don’t want the full contract?

Perhaps you aren’t sure if you want to sign on for a full month of coaching. Perhaps you just want a single session or a single month. Single Session Leadership Coaching is $500 per hour.


If you only want one month, unlimited access to coaching and me, your retainer is $1500.


Larger scope projects within your coaching contract

If you want to contract for Team Development or for a larger scope business project, please let me know and I will submit a proposal after we talk about what you want to create.  My fee is outside the coaching retainer and is based on the scope of your project.

Corporate Training, Team Coaching, Keynote Speeches

Pricing dependent on project scope.