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People engage a personal and life coach for many reasons, but the desired outcome is universal: You want to live fully, express yourself powerfully and lovingly, and make a difference. Read the .pdf article Benefits of Working with a Coach As your personal and relationship coach, I will coach you with clarity, wisdom, humor and honesty as we explore your goals, strategize, remove roadblocks, find tangible ways to invite change, and I will champion your highest good.

I coach from the knowledge that you are a magnificent creator and can create anything you are in alignment with. I don’t coach from the standpoint that something is wrong, because your life isn’t wrong; it is rich and evolving continually. I coach from a Law of Attraction focus and from an energetic and wholeness place. Are you aligned with what you want to create? I’m well practiced in Metaphysics and have developed a facility to coach from any religious point of view, always honoring your philosophy. Click on this link to discover how we will work together and you’ll be able to get a flavor for our Coaching Partnership Agreement. My clients often refer to me as their muse in that they are always being inspired, supported, and encouraged to be their best and to offer their best. They say their life just works best when we work together.

As your personal and relationship coach, I will offer clarity, wisdom, humor and honesty as she explores your roadblocks, finds tangible ways to invite change, and champions your highest good. Above all, I am straight forward. You will love connecting with your true nature, tapping into your spirit’s wisdom and living your life with heart and joy.

Are you coachable?

Find out by reading How Coachable Are You.

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Personal Coaching

Your coaching is retainer based and is designed to deliver the maximum benefit to you and to allow us to fully engage as working partners. A retainer based coaching ensures that each client’s goals are fully explored, measured and realized and their energy is aligned with what they are creating. Many of my clients recognize and enjoy the value of a professional coach and have been working with me for over 10 years. We work as a team toward your goals. This is not therapy and is very interactive. I work with the art and science of consciously creating a great life. Click here for a peek at how we build the The Coaching Alliance.

What you will receive:

  • Create measurable goals or focus development on a central theme
  • Assessments and a personal Human Design chart to guide your way
  • Progress tracking
  • Practical assignments
  • Compassionate listening and straight talk coaching
  • Energetic balancing to clear your path
  • Law of Attraction and more focus
  • Visioning your future
  • Creating structures that serve you
  • Cleaning up your conversations so they align with your values
  • Connecting with your inner Guidance and your angelic helpers
  • Debunking your old beliefs in favor of intentions that will create what you want
  • Distinctions that lead you to a more powerful manifesting place
  • Work with relationship dynamics
  • Coaching to be a better, more loving, authentic partner
  • Tap your authenticity and source it for cleaner relationships
  • Unlimited email access and in-the-moment calls to keep your focus

Coaching Retainer

Personal coaching is retainer based, and typically sessions are not billed by the hour. You have unlimited access to coaching and to me. Yes, we do have 3 structured coaching sessions a month for 45 minutes each, or as agreed upon if coming as a couple. You have unlimited email access and can call for in-the-moment coaching as desired. Essentially you will have access to me 24 hrs. a day.  Of course, that implies availability and respect for my non-business time. Usually in-the-moment calls can be handled within 15 minutes and are not meant as replacements for sessions, only for focus and clarity so you can keep your forward momentum toward your goals.

Monthly sessions are on the phone or if you are local, we will make arrangements to meet in person if you choose. Your monthly retainer is $800 a month for 4 months.

After the 4 months, your retainer reverts to month to month. Coaches know that our clients are ready for their big breakthrough at about 3 months of coaching. I coach for 4 months to get you through this natural breakthrough period. We work with your core issues and you will have action steps each week that lean you further into your goals. Most of my clients are ongoing clients and have been for many years. They tell me they would never be without me as their coach because I know them and don’t let them sell out on themselves. This basic amount of time gives you traction and action and will carry you through breakthrough. After the initial 4 months, the coaching retainer reverts to month to month.

If you need something else, please give me a call and I can share other options with you for coaching.

What if I only want a single session to help me focus?

You can have a single session. Obviously this does not include goals, action plans, or unlimited access to me. Sometimes my clients start with one session and love it so much they sign on for the term. The first session, in this case, is credited to their first month retainer.

Your Personal Coaching fee for a single session is $300 for an hour.

Are you ready to get started?

Begin by contacting me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your coaching goals and see if we are a fit. After we’ve evaluated your needs, and you say yes to being coached by me, you’ll come back here to make your first month’s payment. Once I receive payment we begin coaching.

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