Professional intuitive readings provide guidance from the highest aspect of your spirit’s wisdom and help you to learn more about your true nature. Nichole combines her natural ability to tune into your energy with methods for drawing out the insight you need in the right moment. Readings bring clarity to difficult situations, tap into the guidance of your spiritual teachers, reveal the aspects of your Self on a personality and soul level, and help you stay on your path of growth and enlightenment.

Readings are often accompanied with some coaching and are not intended to substitute for coaching, but rather to augment it and confirm the energies available to you now. They are not “fortune telling,” but rather about connecting with guidance that maximizes your efforts, energy and focus.

Readings are done over the phone and a digital recording and other relevant materials are provided. These readings are informative and confirming as they align you with your highest expression.

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Tarot Cards

Nichole has been working with Tarot Cards for over 20 years and her style is fun, informative and deep.  A Tarot Reading addresses a particular block, conflict, desire or questions you have and approaches the issue from several different perspectives. People often have a quarterly reading to insure they are focusing their energy in the most effective way. [DDET Read more…]

Tarot card reading is for actionable guidance in any area of your life. Whoever said you have to figure your life out by yourself? Your Spirit awaits your questions and provides guidance. I’m a conduit for your answers. Having an intuitive tarot reading means I focus on your questions and use whichever tarot deck of wisdom cards feels right for the reading. I love interactive readings using the tarot cards to flush out the message your Spirit is delivering to you at this time. The cards are only one way I can tune into you. I also tune into your guardian angels and those who come in for a short time to offer you specialized guidance. Very often they speak in the reading. At times, others who have passed on want to give messages to you. I don’t predict your future – why spoil the fun of discovery! I can let you know what feels right, but honestly, there are so many probable futures and at this time in history they change rapidly. I do help you focus your energy, your actions and your attitudes to see how what you want can manifest easier. As well as being fun, informative and giving you direction, they show you how to bring your Spirit and destiny more into your everyday world.

There are other readings which are designed to deliver more global information about your make up and contribution to the changing world. These three readings offer the latest in spiritual evolution technology. They are delivered one time only. You may want to add short term coaching to help you get them into your bones.


One Hour Reading: $180


Human Design

As a trained practitioner, Nichole uses the Human Design System to map an individual’s personality, patterns and potential in the areas of the mind, emotions, heart, intuition, and rhythms. The collective analysis of these areas offers dramatic insight that helps you understand the psychology behind your actions and your individual strengths and weaknesses. You learn how beautifully unique you are, like the fingerprint of your soul. Learn how to evolve and focus on your soul path, and recognize when you aren’t living your design. You’ll be shown how to honor your unique life’s expression as you make decisions and move through life with less wind resistance.  This is a one-time reading, and is often accompanied by a coaching package to fully implement your Design into your life. [DDET Read more…]

The Human Design reading is the place to start knowing yourself. I’ve been giving Human Design readings for 9 years and I love how they can set you free to live your best life.

Imagine you set out on a journey across the United States from Los Angeles to New York with no map and no compass, and nothing along the way to tell you if you are actually going in the right direction.  You could end up anywhere and be disappointed and frustrated not knowing how to get to your destination.  Perhaps in your frustration you gun the car engine, put the pedal to the floor and speed on down the road in the hopes of getting there? You think speed will get you there, even if it is in the wrong direction. Or perhaps you settle in, turn on the radio to distract yourself in order to enjoy the journey. Again, you will be frustrated and disappointed that you never end up in New York. We live our lives in the same way. We try anything we think will work to get us what we want. But how do you know what is right for you? How do you know what decisions to make, who to marry, what career is right for you?  How do you know when to start something and when to quit something?  Where is the instruction manual for your life? It’s right here.

With this reading, you learn your correct strategy, your personal way to make decisions, how you are organized so you can maximize your gifts and reduce the wind resistance in life. If you are tired of struggling and want to get off the treadmill of pain, you absolutely must learn about your design. No tool in the world will help you if you apply it the wrong way for who you are, and the only way to find out who you are is to know your unique design. The Human Design is not another profiling system. It’s considerably deeper because it deals with the core of you, your DNA, your mission in life. If you want more detailed information before your reading, please read About Your Human Design


1.5 Hour Reading: $250


Relationship Patterns Reading

This reading shows you how to break your old patterns of relating. Are you tired of fixing the past? Are you done with re-creating the same relationship messes? Is it time to embrace your love life and end the old patterns of relating? Do you to really relate – from your open heart? It’s ok to be a bit scared, but once you put your information into action, you will be amazed at what opens up within you. Curious? Then this is your reading!

For this reading, I use the same information you would give if you were having an astrology reading done: your name, date of birth, time of birth (am or pm), and city and state (country) where you were born.

A Relationship Patterns Reading pinpoints how you show up and relate/react in relationships and why you keep repeating the same reactions with different people. This system reveals your particular patterns in relationships.

It identifies what triggers you, how you approach conflict, your defenses, and it defines how you can be successful in wealth and resources. The purpose of this reading is to connect you to your loving nature so your heart, spirit and love are fully available to you no matter who you are with.

As these relationship patterns are identified, they begin to break down the door to your sacred heart. Your potential to express a loving, authentic self is revealed. This reading gives you the Key to unravel your conditioned responses of protection. It identifies specific ‘remedies’ that set you free and reveal your authentic heart.

There is a specific sequence of patterns and specific ways to stop them in their tracks. This is not another ‘have to do a bazillion steps’ reading. It is simple and doesn’t take therapy to change the course of your relationships – only information and awareness. This is a one time reading and clients often follow up with coaching to get it in the bones and into action. This reading is given by phone and a digital recording is provided. [DDET Read more…]

Your Relationship Patterns reading is about the language and the key that ends the blame game. It ends the game of protection and restores us to the unity of love and expansion. This reading actually helps you feel more secure in a relationship where you can truly be you.

After years with Human Design, I was attracted to the Relationship Pattern work because it could unlock my patterns in relationships and open my heart. Invaluable! And, on a higher level, the Relationship Pattern Reading provided the treasure map, the speed bumps, and the key to unlock our human conditioning and returns us to our Divine nature. My trigger – that thing that sets us off – is a frequency 6 which means that rather than judge or absent myself, all I need to do is stay present to the process by being authentic and tell the truth of what is real for me. I need to include myself rather than watching and waiting for others to get real or I would just leave. I know, not pretty. In the six years I have been working with this information, people say they can trust me and that I am real and very present. They can count on me to tell them the truth and that lets them feel so much safer. My heart has opened wide and I couldn’t be happier. I want the same sense of freedom and love for you, too.

This reading opens you to your innate love and awakens miracles in your life. Everything is about relating and this reading reveals to relate in a way that opens your heart and releases miracles and wealth in your life. This is a very personal reading and unique to you. The Relationship Pattern reading reveals the 12 tiers of relationship conditioning from shadow to your gifts, to an enlightened state. This reading shows you how to be comfortably transparent, making no apologies for your life.


1.5 Hour Reading: $250


Client Testimonials

Please read testimonials from my clients to see how my readings have helped them to find inspiration, overcome their life challenges, and succeed at creating the life they desire.  Click here to read my testimonials.