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Thank you for deciding to purchase a product or service from Spirit’s Wisdom, Inc.   This page confirms that I have received your order. If you have purchased coaching sessions, alignments or readings, I will contact you shortly to set up our first appointment.  If you have ordered a digital e-Course, you can use the…



Welcome to my client testimonials page. Please use the following links to view my client testimonials in their respective categories. Leadership Coaching Testimonials Personal Coaching Testimonials Speaking Testimonials e-Courses Testimonials Energetic Alignment Testimonials Readings Testimonials Leadership Coaching In the non-profit world, I thought spending money on a coach seemed out of the question.  My Board of…



These downloadable courses let you really hone in your focus by topic.  They are in an easy format that moves you through step by step in a workbook format.  Print them out and take them with you to work on while you’re in a coffee shop or outdoor café.  I’m right there with you as…



Welcome to Spirit’s Wisdom services. Coaching If you are committed to living, working and relating from your True Nature, coaching is almost like cutting in line. It moves you toward your intentions and aspirations because it reduces your wind resistance, clears the path and establishes actions that reflect your commitment. In working with Nichole you…



Living your True Nature. We all have natural wisdom within us to guide us in the right direction, but how do we connect with that part of ourselves? Nichole Carrington of Spirit’s Wisdom is an intuitive consultant that helps leaders, individuals and groups reconnect with their highest potential and live their best life by drawing…


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e-Courses Downloadable courses let you really hone in your focus by topic. They are in an easy format that moves you through step by step in a workbook format. I’m right there with you as your coach and spiritual advisor as you learn effective and proven ways to develop the topic skill. Learn More