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Leadership Coaching

In the non-profit world, I thought spending money on a coach seemed out of the question.  My Board of Directors insisted on it.  In retrospect, almost two years after her coaching contract ended, it was the best investment the agency could have made for our Board of Directors, 40 employees and for me.  Nichole came in, quickly assess the situation and instituted a plan of action which established core values among the staff; helped senior management and the Board of Directors recognize their roles and showed individuals how to be comfortable and effective in their roles.  Nichole’s consulting and coaching is still paying off, years after she finished her contract with us.  She established a culture that has and will long survive her time here.  Personally, she changed my life.  Her coaching skills designed to make me more effective at work helped me better understand my talents, how I’m perceived and how to stay in my role.  These skills easily carried over to my personal life as well.

When I first began meeting with Nichole I had lost my voice and my spirit.  I didn’t know who I was in this world. Through her supportive coaching, listening and guidance I rediscovered my voice and strengthened my spirit.  I learned how to listen, feel and speak. I have become the person I have always wanted to be in my personal and professional life. I was thinking about the time I spend with Nichole and realized something: Every successful athlete has a coach. Thus, every person who wants to be successful in all aspects of their life should have a coach!

Kerri, Branch Manager

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Personal Coaching

Skillful coach! As I reflected…yesterday, my heart was flowing over with gratitude for all the gifts I received…cheerleading when I lost my way, reminders of my vision when I forgot, acknowledgement of my courage to follow my heart and my dreams. Thank you seems inadequate.”


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Your presentation last night was masterful in its content, its presentation, and its effectiveness.  It was just a real masterpiece, a work of art, finely crafted, finely done.

The presentation and the exercises and the points around living one’s color were superlative.  You had presented this once before and it seemed to be good, but this time it was absolutely inspirational and perfected.  The point will be one that will NEVER be forgotten by any of those present.

The perspective provided by the “rating system” of frowns to grins was superbly well-done and well used to drive the points home on how each principle would affect each person.

From a National Speakers Association professional evaluation point of view, the presentation could not have been better – it was even better than many of the top speakers I have seen.  So, kudos there, too!

The insights I gained, even though I have learned and studied a lot in this area, were profound.  I even had a few thoughts of how much I don’t know about having a relationship.  Thanks for that.  You obviously have thought this out so completely and deeply.

It was a gift to all of us who attended. Thank you for caring enough to drive this course up to the highest level. I plan on referring people to you as a life and business coach, as I know, for sure, that you will contribute value far beyond any costs.

Keith, Financial Planner

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Energetic Alignment

When people ask me about Nichole’s ‘energy work’ I have a simple answer.  “She has mastered the field of energy work and among other things, the ability to utilize the principles of quantum physics.” The next question I’m asked is: Does it work?  To which I have another simple answer. “Yes”.

Working with and accepting her mastering of the art of energy work was not easy.  I needed proof – proof I could believe in. I’m a skeptic of all things, particularly ones that sound of snake oil. I’m also a student of quantum physics.   I receive the proof I needed when I allowed her to connect and work with my energy fields. At times of extreme stress she has sent me calming and relaxing energy that arrived with unbelievable clarity of thought. At times of pain, she quickly dispatched energy solutions to completely resolve life long back issues and persistent knee pain.  Most recently, I’m convinced, eliminated kidney stone pain by destroying the stone itself. Can I prove that one, no.  But I can state that within an hour of asking for her assistance, after days of pain from suspected kidney stones, the pain went away and has never returned. Scientific principles or not – you want to know and work with Nichole.

Bob W.

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I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I can’t help but feel that at a very deep intuitive level, I received a message that is hard to express in a verbal sense. Your long standing confidence in me has had a very positive effect in combating the intellectual doubts about my abilities, and I am learning to trust my inner self more. The reading did help. The message is never wrong, it’s only the willingness of the receiver that waivers.


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