Energetic Alignment

When people ask me about Nichole’s ‘energy work’ I have a simple answer.  “She has mastered the field of energy work and among other things, the ability to utilize the principles of quantum physics.” The next question I’m asked is: Does it work?  To which I have another simple answer. “Yes”.

Working with and accepting her mastering of the art of energy work was not easy.  I needed proof – proof I could believe in. I’m a skeptic of all things, particularly ones that sound of snake oil. I’m also a student of quantum physics.   I receive the proof I needed when I allowed her to connect and work with my energy fields. At times of extreme stress she has sent me calming and relaxing energy that arrived with unbelievable clarity of thought. At times of pain, she quickly dispatched energy solutions to completely resolve life long back issues and persistent knee pain.  Most recently, I’m convinced, eliminated kidney stone pain by destroying the stone itself. Can I prove that one, no.  But I can state that within an hour of asking for her assistance, after days of pain from suspected kidney stones, the pain went away and has never returned. Scientific principles or not – you want to know and work with Nichole.

Bob W.

Thank you for the experience of clearing my home. My home is feeling ‘just right’, settled and integrated and very pleased to be opened up. Interestingly, I also just got a cleaner (having wanted one for months, since we worked the right person simply turned up – no accident I feel. It was really cool to work with you in this way. If felt like I was taking/ sharing responsibility not simply letting it ‘be done to’.


I started energy with Dr Nichole after a car accident in late 2007. I had suffered a concussion from an accident and had lost my ability to mediate, was emotionally drained and exhausted. I finished each session with renewed energy, some emotional stability and of course, homework. The energy sessions encouraged my areas of improvement but also led me in new direction. In a follow-up session on the phone Dr. Nichole encouraged me to stay in the present and all of my previous negative actions should be done with “love” instead of anger. After my last session, I experienced the invisible shield that I knew had been over my heart. I felt my Soul take it and shatter it into a million pieces which were then carried away as if by magic. I was left with an open and unshielded heart. It has remained open ever since.

What a gift! As I approached my family and my wife with a new sense of joy, the impact on them totally stunned me. Old issues melted away and the love I sent seemed to be returned tenfold. My current journey and living life with an open heart is ongoing and is making me a better man. My energy sessions are less frequent but no less important. In fact, sometimes I can even create my own.


You have been the most consistent, powerful, loving motivator for me to be me in my life and I thank you. You have introduced me, over the past three years, to everything I have longed for my whole life.

Since we did an energetic cleanse, I’ve done more work in my home office. I so value your intuition, training, and inner knowing to assist me in this de-distracting process so I can truly be who I am here to be. And I so honor and respect you for trusting your “divine self” in loving yourself.


Thank you for your inspirational coaching. You are such an inspiration in my life.   I am so grateful to the Spirit from up above for bringing you into my life as a teacher, mentor and friend.  You empower me.  I will continue to empower those around me with encouragement, support, friendship, and most importantly, love as you have taught me.

Lisa Anne

My driving trip to Mass was special and easy, and more importantly is that my flight home was a breeze. I didn’t even have to use what we talked about. I just got up and stood in the back of the plane! I could never have imagined I would ever have a successful plane flight given my previous panic. None of that at all and I actually enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


Last year two things were happening to me that didn’t seem age related, but were a nuisance to deal with anyway: I started getting a sharp, pinpoint of pain on the inside of my right foot that felt like electrical current hitting it, and I would wake up with a persistent cough at night that was driving both myself and my wife bonkers. I went to Nichole because I had heard of her energy clearing from a relative—that it worked wonders, and boy did it! Almost instantly all the pain in my foot just stopped, and my wife said I wasn’t coughing at night anymore, but I didn’t know that part because I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since! To this day, more than a year later, I have no coughing and no pain in my foot. Thanks, Nichole!


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