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In the non-profit world, I thought spending money on a coach seemed out of the question.  My Board of Directors insisted on it.  In retrospect, almost two years after her coaching contract ended, it was the best investment the agency could have made for our Board of Directors, 40 employees and for me.  Nichole came in, quickly assess the situation and instituted a plan of action which established core values among the staff; helped senior management and the Board of Directors recognize their roles and showed individuals how to be comfortable and effective in their roles.  Nichole’s consulting and coaching is still paying off, years after she finished her contract with us.  She established a culture that has and will long survive her time here.  Personally, she changed my life.  Her coaching skills designed to make me more effective at work helped me better understand my talents, how I’m perceived and how to stay in my role.  These skills easily carried over to my personal life as well.

Robert, Non-Profit sector

When I first began meeting with Nichole I had lost my voice and my spirit.  I didn’t know who I was in this world. Through her supportive coaching, listening and guidance I rediscovered my voice and strengthened my spirit.  I learned how to listen, feel and speak. I have become the person I have always wanted to be in my personal and professional life. I was thinking about the time I spend with Nichole and realized something: Every successful athlete has a coach. Thus, every person who wants to be successful in all aspects of their life should have a coach!

Kerri, Branch Manager

For the last eighteen months I engaged the services of Linda Nichole Carrington to coach me in my professional career goal setting and for coaching with upcoming professionally challenging situations. She helped me prepare for many hours of public testimony with the San Francisco Assessment Appeals Board.

I have had the pleasure of having Nichole as my coach for many years and during that time she has assisted me in personal as well as business growth.  As an accountability partner, as a confidant, as a skilled problem solving facilitator, she is second to none.  During the time we have worked together, she has challenged my limiting beliefs, assisted me in developing stretch goals and supported me through challenges. She is intuitive, compassionate and highly effective.

Gary, Owner Clarity Technologies

Nichole understands that the “self” you bring to work is part of a larger whole, and that understanding drives her coaching. She’s helped me understand my own tendencies and motivations, where they work for me, and when I can steer them in other directions for better results – both at work and in my personal relationships. She’s goal oriented and structures her work with clients around their stated goals, making very useful time of our coaching sessions. She’s helped me immensely by pushing me out of my comfort zone and letting me know I can trust my own instincts and knowledge. I highly recommend Nichole!

Kathleen, Corporate Banking

Nichole, thank you. Simplicity is a gift. Intention and a well thought out plan go hand in hand.
Coach is a perfect word for you. When I think of you, coach stands for:

C – Caring of herself and others
O – Open and original
A – Awesome
C – Change Master
H – Honorable

I am grateful to know you!

Pat, Personal Banker

You are an awesome woman – the space you hold for me (and so many others) to show up in is such a blessing – you truly generate greatness.

Elizabeth, Consultant

I’ve got a coach… and she kicks butt! I can’t imagine anyone running a company would be without a coach!”

Pam, CEO and founder of a fast-growing consumer dotcom

Thanks so much for your guidance and coaching. It all paid off. I was able to present to my boss my accomplishments in the past 3 years and what I planned on accomplishing for the company. I actually included something I was unhappy with and needed changed to work more effectively there. I received the raise I asked for. I was able to address some sticky issues with another owner of the business with great success. I didn’t expect changes overnight but I did it and I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel more positive about my own leadership and ability to contribute in a positive way to the company. Thank you!

Marie, Accountant

I was so far on burnout with my 24/7 managerial role in a critical technical business I was losing my health. Nichole’s coaching saved my life! Literally! I can breathe, my staff can breathe and strangely, we accomplish more and are having fun, if you can believe that. Invaluable! A must for all high demand, high achieving leaders.

Raymond, IT Professional

Nichole helped me clarify my vision of our business. She has provided the coaching and training needed to help me shift from a controlling, overworked manager to a focused, principle-centered leader full of hope and inspiration. She helped me determine exactly what I wanted and helped me identify obstacles and create action to move forward. My relationship with Nichole is an excellent return on investment.

Betty, Business Owner

I engaged the services of Nichole Carrington to assist me in my professional career goal setting and for coaching for upcoming professionally challenging situations. Through role enactment and coaching, Nichole helped me prepare for many hours of strenuous public testimony…with minimal stress on my part. I have successfully completed in excess of 29 complex cases, winning all decisions in my favor. I would not hesitate to recommend use of [Nichole’s] immense people, problem solving and coaching skills.

Robert, Real Estate Consulting Company President

In the three months we have had a professional coaching relationship I have accomplished exponentially more tangible results than I have in the previous several years of my career.  I have now clarified my goal to achieve a dual career as a consultant and a dance instructor and have generated an ability to deliver high quality performance consulting. My fee increased by 150% which exceeded what I thought was possible.  Nichole brings an unstoppable, yet grounded, energy of possibility to the coaching and she reflects the best in me.

Connie, Independent Consultant

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