I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I can’t help but feel that at a very deep intuitive level, I received a message that is hard to express in a verbal sense. Your long standing confidence in me has had a very positive effect in combating the intellectual doubts about my abilities, and I am learning to trust my inner self more. The reading did help. The message is never wrong, it’s only the willingness of the receiver that waivers.


You are so powerful when you do your intuitive reading. On our call this week you interpreted my dream and drew the tarot card for my situation.  You restored my balance so I could once again move forward. I see that as you being in YOUR POWER assisting me in regaining MY POWER…very clean, very clear.


Thank you for the numerous insightful and powerful readings you have given me throughout the years. I know I can always count on you for a profoundly intuitive and remarkably relevant reading. Whether it’s confirmation that I’m on the right path or reminder of an incredible truth that I’ve lost sight of or a bold prompting to move in a certain direction, I’ve benefited immeasurably from your beautiful delivery of each and every reading! I have gotten my financial house back in good order, created loving harmony within my family, and am well on my way to taking a big step up in my professional career. You are divinely gifted and I am beyond grateful for your guidance.


My readings with Nichole have served as my guided path over the past several years. Her ability to really tune in and connect the reading to me is unparalleled. Through these readings I am able to align my thoughts and intentions for the year through annual readings or in readings during the year on a particular topic, like work or relationships. Tarot readings with Nichole have been my source for confirmation of the course i’m on and allow me to adjust according to the direction I want to go in life. I always leave my sessions with new insights, thoughtful reflection and an eagerness to take charge in my life.


Every time I reach out to Nichole she provides the perfect insight for what I need for my life experience(s) at that particular time. Her coaching provides the direction I need to obtain the most out of each experience. Because of her connection to the universe/angels/surrounding energy I’m able to approach life in a different light than was taught to me through the eyes of our old ways of the world. Nichole has a genuine ability, honest devotion and a network of coaching tools she utilizes to assist with my life experiences. Her guidance is unique and completely in tune each and evey time. I truly am blessed not only to be able to benefit from her insight/coaching but also to be connected to such an inspiring and generous person!


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