Your presentation last night was masterful in its content, its presentation, and its effectiveness.  It was just a real masterpiece, a work of art, finely crafted, finely done.

The presentation and the exercises and the points around living one’s color were superlative.  You had presented this once before and it seemed to be good, but this time it was absolutely inspirational and perfected.  The point will be one that will NEVER be forgotten by any of those present.

The perspective provided by the “rating system” of frowns to grins was superbly well-done and well used to drive the points home on how each principle would affect each person.

From a National Speakers Association professional evaluation point of view, the presentation could not have been better – it was even better than many of the top speakers I have seen.  So, kudos there, too!

The insights I gained, even though I have learned and studied a lot in this area, were profound.  I even had a few thoughts of how much I don’t know about having a relationship.  Thanks for that.  You obviously have thought this out so completely and deeply.

It was a gift to all of us who attended. Thank you for caring enough to drive this course up to the highest level. I plan on referring people to you as a life and business coach, as I know, for sure, that you will contribute value far beyond any costs.

Keith, Financial Planner

On behalf of CEWAER’s membership and Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your participation in the CEWAER Annual Conference last week. Thank you for presenting “Realizing Your Life Goals”. We’ve received many wonderful comments from our attendees about the high caliber speakers. The evaluation forms rated your session very highly. I know your audience found your discussion interesting and informative, and your interactive format was greatly appreciated.

Catherine, Development Director

On behalf of the entire Vocational Agency Network in Nevada County, we would like to express our deep appreciation for the excellent presentation you provided. We thank you not only for the information, insight and downright fun, but also for your patience in allowing us to complete the business portion of our meeting. Your presentation was a wonderful breath of fresh air for all of us. Thank you very, very much for your time, professionalism and patience.

Lin & Chris, Employment and Training Reps.

You are awesome! Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring presentation to our teachers! I am still getting feedback from my staff on how much they enjoyed your visit. You really helped to take our annual meeting to a higher level and helped to make an already powerful group even more so!

Cathy, Teachers for non-profit STARS

Nichole, I want to thank you again for your clear, inspiring, practical and uplifting presentation to our 140 Senior Managers. Thank you for your patience as we continued to refine as we went along and you kept the pace very graciously. You gave our managers leadership skills to advance their divisions and inspired them to continue to excel in their roles as models. Your keynote presentation on Time management for Managers was excellent.

Jackie, Coordinator for Western Division, U.S. Postal Service

Thank you for your fun and motivating presentation at our retreat. I was wonderful to see so much participation from our leaders. Empowering Conversations was a perfect topic.

Stephanie, Human Resource Manager for the Assoc. of Ca. School Administrators

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